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    On Thursday, March 29th, the junior and senior students of Cloverdale High School will unveil the Wall Project.  The Wall Project consists of seven art installations placed around town, all embodying the same theme: truth and obstacles to the truth. The juniors and seniors of CHS were given an abundance of creative control during the process of creating these installations. One of the few limitations of the project was that students had to compose their projects entirely from mostly recycled materials. One of the aims of this project was to give students almost complete control and responsibility in the creation of these exhibits. Christi Calson, the Integrated Pathway Coach and Work-Based Learning Coordinator in charge of the project, discussed the value of creative control with us: “I feel that art gives people the ability to explore themselves and the world in ways that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I think that often, the activities students do in schools don’t always provide for that kind of critical thinking.” People are highly encouraged to view these installations. We interviewed Eden Winniford, a student project manager from one of the exhibits. She explained the importance of this project: “People should come see the installations because, as the youth of Cloverdale, our truths matter. Our values are what society is going to be shaped around once we reach adulthood.” The installations will be located at the following destinations: Kleiser Park, the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center, the Cloverdale Plaza, Papa’s Pizza, and on the Citrus Fairgrounds. This project would never have been realized without the tremendous community support from the Cloverdale Arts Consortium, the CARE Foundation, our dedicated mentors and other community members.