• California Healthy Kids Survey

    The California Department of Education requires schools and districts to ask students about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug issues, as well as questions about school safety, the learning environment, and student health. Participation in CHKS is voluntary on the part of the student. The District hopes that parents/guardians encourage their child to participate in CHKS so that his or her opinion and knowledge can be part of the information gleaned from the survey. The survey is anonymous. No names or any other identifying information is connected to the answers except for the name of the school. The survey takes approximately 50 minutes.

    All schools are providing detailed parental consent notices to parents/caregivers.

    The results of the survey will help provide CUSD with information to improve school safety, student health, and the learning environment. Information from CHKS has recently helped CUSD obtain funds for alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention education. CHKS is administered every other year.

    Surveys for 2017-2018

    Elementary School Questionnaire (Bilingual)
    Core Module Middle School Questionnaire (English)
    Mini-Core Module Middle School Questionnaire (Español)
    Mini-Core Module High School Questionnaire (English)
    Mini-Core Module High School Questionnaire (Español)