• Mission Statement

    The Cloverdale Unified School District Curriculum Department is committed to providing a quality educational experience for all students.

    The Cloverdale Unified School District accomplishes this mission by:

    • Ensuring consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of Curr​iculum and Learning services and programs.
    • Providing documents to clarify state and local curriculum.
    • Identifying best teaching practices and providing purposeful professional development to school-based instructional leaders.
    • Delivering resources and services that schools need for student achievement.​
  • STAFF 

    Steve Charbonneau
    Director of Curriculum
    Phone:  (707) 894-1951
    Email:  charbonneaus@cusd.org 
    Juana Gonzalez
    Phone:  (707) 894-1988
    Email:  gonzalezj@cusd.org 
    Martha Gonzalez
    ELD Coordinator
    Phone: (707) 894-1915
    Email:  gonzalezm@cusd.org