• The Cloverdale Unified School District's Technology Committee is made up of staff from the district office, teachers, administrators and members of the school board. The Committee meets once a month to discuss the technology needs of the district, the direction of technology in the district and the best way to support education through the use of it. Cloverdale Unified School District is dedicated to providing a positive instructional technology environment for our students and staff.

  • Meeting Information
    Date: March 15, 2016
    Time: 3:30 PM
    Place: Washington Library
  • Members

    Jeremy Decker, 
    Luis Camacho
    Director of Technology
    Renee DuVander
    Instructional Math Coach 
    Kris Menlove
    Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology
    Carlos Jimenez
    IT Support Specialist
    Thomas Craig
    IT Support Specialist
    Kathleen Bradford
    SIS Administrator\IT Support Specialist
    Mark Lucchetti
    Principal at Washington School 
    Tracy Anderson, 
    Vice Principal at High School
    Cecile Peters
    Board Trustee
    Eric Higginbotham
    Board Trustee
    Laura Rigby
    Washington School Teacher
    Paul Cogorno, 
    Jefferson School Teacher
    Cory Needham, 
    High School Teacher